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z408 cipher and z340 cipher - zodiac's name revealed

By Ben Casimir

7 April 2018

From my perspective, Ross M Sullivan appears to be the most plausible suspect in the Zodiac case.

With this in mind, I would like to draw your attention to the last line of part three of the Zodiac 408 cipher.
I would like to make two amendments to the original translation by Donald and Bettye Harden of the last line of code.
The two changes are to the translation of the letter "E" and the "Я" (mirror R) as they appear on the last line
of part three of the Zodiac 408 cipher.

If my amendments and interpretation are accurate, it shows that the first name and middle initial of Zodiac's name
is revealed, and his surname is only hinted at.

Before it is translated, this is the last line of the 408.


Notice the positions of the two Es and the Я (mirror R):

The original translation of the last line(including the last letter of the line before) of the 408 cipher
by Donald and Bettye Harden is as follows:

The key letter in this part of the cipher is " E ".
I am talking about the "E" as it appears in the cipher, before it is translated.
The question is how should "E" be translated?
When you look at the rest of this code, E mostly refers to itself.
In other words, E simply translates as E.
Except in one instance – with the word "DANGEROUS".
If you tranlsate the "E" on the end of the word as "E", you end up with "DANGEROUE".
However, if you translate "E" as "S" you get "DANGEROUS".

With this in mind, I retranslated the last line of characters.
Instead of:

The result is:

Or to show it another way:

There are two Es, that have each been replaced by an S.
Take a look at the first S.
The first two letters after the first S are "OR".
Combine the "S" and "OR".
When read left to right, this makes "SOR".
Now, look at the letter "R".
The "R" has been translated from the cipher symbol "Я" (mirror R).
Throughout this code, Zodiac used the "Я" (mirror R) to represent "R".
Yet, what if, in this instance the "Я" (mirror R) symbolises itself.
If "Я" (mirror R) is translated as "Я" (mirror R), then the "Я" (mirror R) should be read from right to left.
When read from right to left, "SOR" or "SOЯ" becomes "ROS".

The last line then becomes:


I realise that Ross Sullivan's first name contains the double "S".
Where as, my translation of "ROS" has only one "S".
This does not deter me, as Zodiac was well known for his deliberate misspellings.

The second "S" appears on the right hand side of the last line.
The last eight letters of the translation begin with "S".
The surname "Sullivan" also has eight letters, and begins with S.
What is more, the second "S" is preceded by "M."
M is the initial of the middle name of Ross M Sullivan.

So far, I do not see any clear-cut way of identifying the remaining letters of the surname in the z408.
Other than to say that the double "H" aligns with the double "L" in Sullivan.
However, when I made a slight adjustment to Craig Bauer's translation of the z340,
this reveals a misspelt version of "Sullivan".

For those of you not familiar with Bauer's translation of the z340, he identified the "ROS"
in the misspelt "DANGEROS".
As you can see:

Bauer also identified the "M" in the misspelt "Richerd M Nikson":

Take a look at the image below.
It shows two lines from the z340.
The first line containing the word "DANGEROS", then a full stop, followed by the gunsight symbol,
which Bauer has left untranslated on this occasion.

In an earlier line of the z340, Bauer translates the gunsight symbol as "O",
as shown below:

I propose that the gunsight symbol after "DANGEROS" also be translated as "O".
In addition, I put forth that the "L" after the gunsight symbol should be translated simply as "L".
The picture below shows what this looks like.
The red writing is Bauer's translation.
The blue translation is my translation.

With the "O" and "L" translation, the next step I took was to start reading the translation
from the "R" in "ROS" to the "N" in "WONT".
If you ignore the full stop, this reads as:

Here, one "S" is used to join the first name and surname.
The translated surname uses two "Os".
The first "O" for the "U" in Sullivan.
The second "O" for the "A" in Sullivan.
One "L" represents the "LL" in Sullivan.
The "W" is word play on the "V" in Sullivan
In German, "W" is pronounced as "V."
Like, the composer: Wagner.